Compassionate Support for Pregnancy & Parenthood

We see you.
You are on the threshold of a transition in your life.

Are you wondering what you need to feel ready to give birth and become a parent? 

We are here to walk the path with you.

We are two women with a passion for exploration and self-discovery. We are mentors and doulas, working with parents and parents-to-be at this time of personal transformation.

As Birthing from Within mentors, we offer a unique approach to preparation for birth and early parenthood. We are also available to attend births as doulas in Central Portugal.

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Roshnii, you helped open our eyes to how amazing the birthing journey can be. Your gentle approach and vast knowledge in combination with your own experiences make you a perfect person to be doing what you do.

I feel that without you, the birth would not have gone so smoothly. Knowing you were there created a real sense of safety and security. This let me focus inwards and turn my attention to the birth from the beginning.


I have no words to describe how much Supriya helped me before and during childbirth. . . She helped me with all my fears about childbirth. . . She always respected what I wanted even if she disagreed. She also gave me access to many sources of information where I could search for areas in which I had doubts. And during the birth she was a blessing. . . She helped me navigate all this. She helped me ask the right questions at the right time so that I could make the best decisions for myself given the circumstances. She helped me stay calm and helped me with positions that made it much easier at birth. After the birth she visited me at home and did a wonderful massage. When I have my next son or daughter I want her with me again.