Compassionate Support for Pregnancy & Parenthood

We see you.
You are on the threshold of a transition in your life.

Are you wondering what you need to feel ready to give birth and become a parent? 

We are here to walk the path with you.

We are two women with a passion for exploration and self-discovery. We are mentors and doulas, working with parents and parents-to-be at this time of personal transformation.

As Birthing from Within mentors, we offer a unique approach to preparation for birth and early parenthood. We are also available to attend births as doulas in Central Portugal.

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Doing the birth mentoring course together with my partner did not only prepare us for labour and parenthood; it also deepened our understanding of eachother in the process of ‘having a baby’. Having a very easy, beautiful and quick waterbirth at home and the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, I praised myself lucky.
Only to end up a week later in the worst emotional state I had ever been. Luckily Supriya and Roshnii prepared us for some babyblues. But this was next level. Supriya jumped in her car and was THERE. Having a profesional to talk to in those weeks, was absolutely invaluable and with her compassion and understanding of motherhood and life, I quickly regained clarity in my head and went on to enjoy my baby and life.
Also Roshnii, her support in the breastfeeding journey made a lot of difference. I now would recommend everyone to have a pospartum Doula, and reach out whenever you need. Those ladies definitely taught me that there is simply no need to struggle by yourself, but, trust, share and feel supported instead. 


We are so grateful that Supriya was our doula. She was a calm, thoughtful presence throughout, helping us explore the complex feelings such a transitional time can bring up in a gentle, sensitive way as we prepared for the birth.

During the birth she was supportive, nurturing and present, allowing me to labour in my own way, yet had an intuitive sense of when I needed her.

Our son’s birth was particularly challenging at times and my husband felt Supriya’s acceptance and compassion helped him to cope with this so he in turn could be more fully there for me.

Rosanna & Thomas