Doing the birth mentoring course together with my partner did not only prepare us for labour and parenthood; it also deepened our understanding of eachother in the process of ‘having a baby’. Having a very easy, beautiful and quick waterbirth at home and the most beautiful baby I had ever seen, I praised myself lucky.
Only to end up a week later in the worst emotional state I had ever been. Luckily Supriya and Roshnii prepared us for some babyblues. But this was next level. Supriya jumped in her car and was THERE. Having a profesional to talk to in those weeks, was absolutely invaluable and with her compassion and understanding of motherhood and life, I quickly regained clarity in my head and went on to enjoy my baby and life.
Also Roshnii, her support in the breastfeeding journey made a lot of difference. I now would recommend everyone to have a pospartum Doula, and reach out whenever you need. Those ladies definitely taught me that there is simply no need to struggle by yourself, but, trust, share and feel supported instead. 


Completing the birth mentoring course with Roshnii and Supriya was such a valuable experience for us as a couple expecting our first child. The mentoring sessions really helped give us more confidence in navigating this big life transition and preparing for birth, postpartum and parenthood. Roshnii and Supriya are both such inspiring and knowledgeable women who created a safe and supportive space for us to explore our hopes and fears. They also shared so many valuable practical tips and exercises which have been really useful in preparing for the birth. We feel very grateful that they have been a part of our pregnancy journey!

Joe & Gabriella

My husband and I could not write more positive words for these two women, Supriya and Roshnii, for the job they did as our doulas and preparing us for our first child, as well as being there in body and soul during the birth. With their wisdom and guidance, along with some very deep questions that made us both think outside the box, we felt extremely prepared for what was to come. I truly don’t know where I would be mentally through all of this without them. Not only did I feel well prepared before the birth but afterwards they were always available to answer questions and give advice as well as cheer me on in times of doubt and their belief in me helped me feel like “I got this”. They are both beautiful souls and I cant suggest them enough for any mother and father on this crazy ride to becoming a parent!  Thank you again ladies! And baby Marlow thanks you too!


Roshnii, you helped open our eyes to how amazing the birthing journey can be. Your gentle approach and vast knowledge in combination with your own experiences make you a perfect person to be doing what you do.

I feel that without you, the birth would not have gone so smoothly. Knowing you were there created a real sense of safety and security. This let me focus inwards and turn my attention to the birth from the beginning.


I have no words to describe how much Supriya helped me before and during childbirth. . . She helped me with all my fears about childbirth. . . She always respected what I wanted even if she disagreed. She also gave me access to many sources of information where I could search for areas in which I had doubts. And during the birth she was a blessing. . . She helped me navigate all this. She helped me ask the right questions at the right time so that I could make the best decisions for myself given the circumstances. She helped me stay calm and helped me with positions that made it much easier at birth. After the birth she visited me at home and did a wonderful massage. When I have my next son or daughter I want her with me again.


From the beginning, I could see that Roshnii really cares about helping us women to live pregnancy, birth and becoming mothers as a beautiful, sacred experience, and, at the same time to prepare us for the difficult times that can come along with it.


My first impression of Supriya lasted till the end of her visits to our home. She seemed calm, warm, honest, caring, non-judgmental with a big open heart.

She has the natural ability and presence in holding the space for people. Her knowledge was invaluable during and after the birth and made me feel reassured therefore more relaxed.

Having Supriya by my side, holding my hand during birth was the best thing I could have. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula.


We are so grateful that Supriya was our doula. She was a calm, thoughtful presence throughout, helping us explore the complex feelings such a transitional time can bring up in a gentle, sensitive way as we prepared for the birth.

During the birth she was supportive, nurturing and present, allowing me to labour in my own way, yet had an intuitive sense of when I needed her.

Our son’s birth was particularly challenging at times and my husband felt Supriya’s acceptance and compassion helped him to cope with this so he in turn could be more fully there for me.

Rosanna & Thomas