About Us

We are two close friends who share a passion for working with women and their partners stepping over the sacred threshold of parenthood.

We shared the same doula, a close friend and inspiration, who embodied trust in the process and physiology of birth.

As a result of our own experiences and learning, we have come to honour the transformative nature of birth and becoming a parent. Birth and life with a new baby is unpredictable and inevitably cannot fulfil all our expectations. However, we have seen that with the right support and preparation, parents can learn to respond to each moment with courage and compassion, rather than clinging to a pre-conceived plan.

How we work

Our mentoring work is grounded in our training with Birthing from Within.
We work with parents to prepare for birth and the realities of life as new parents. We work 1:1, either in person or via Zoom, and we are available for group courses.

As doulas, we work together, offering you a shared care package.

With shared care we bring our complementary skills, wisdom, knowledge and experience. You get to know us both during the prenatal sessions so when you call us in labour you are guaranteed to be supported by someone you trust and have developed a relationship with. Should you have a long labour, we can alternate to ensure we can provide you with the support you need.

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