I am the mother of two children, Shyamalii (born 2011) and Narayan (born 2014). I birthed both my children at home with a loving doula. My births were quiet, dark and undisturbed and the most empowering and spiritual experiences I have ever known. Birth for me was wild, intense, unpredictable and damn hard work but it was also intensely powerful and transformational.

The whole journey of becoming a mother, while beautiful, was also acutely challenging at times. My daughter and I suffered from an undiagnosed tongue-tie, which made breastfeeding difficult and I struggled with bonding with my son. It made a huge difference to my experience to have someone by my side who I knew and trusted, who could advocate for me when I was low and who carried the experience of birth and motherhood within them.

This is what motivates me as a doula. To be that kind, loving and calm presence for women, to encourage them on when things are tough and to celebrate with them the miracle of birth and the early weeks of motherhood.

I trained as a doula with Michel Odent and Lilianna Lammers in February 2013. I worked as a doula in London before moving to Portugal in 2017 and am a recognised doula with Doula UK. I have trained in Hypnobirthing with the ‘Way of the Koi’ and am also a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and take much joy from sharing my love of these practices with women.